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  1. Read CH 7 in the text.
  2. First, write out your Initial Posting. For your initial posting, write your reflections on one of the For Further Thought? questions (or activities) found throughout the chapter of your textbook. Remember to elaborate in your initial post on your understanding of the concepts presented and how they relate to your experiences (write around three paragraphs).  Also provide examples from your personal experiences when appropriate. If you prefer, you could also choose to create your own question and write your reflections on something in the text that was relevant or interesting to you (as long as you work to expand upon your knowledge or understanding of the course material).  
  3. Second, provide feedback (reply) to at least two of your fellow class members’ initial posts (about one paragraph per reply thread) reflecting on your experiences and how they relate to what was written (to continue the discussion).

Post 1

Imani FrancisYesterdayOct 6 at 11:40pmManage Discussion EntryHow well do you stay on topic? Do you feel your conversations with others are more satisfying when both parties stay on topic? Provide an example to support your answer. To be completely honest, I don’t stay on topic that well when I’m having a conversation. I tend to zone out and hear certain parts, especially if I’m not interested in what the other person is saying. When I’m talking with friends, the topic changes quite suddenly sometimes and I have no problem with that. But when I do have long conversations about one set subject, I definitely feel more engaged and the conversation runs smoother when both parties are on topic. For example, I’m in a group chat with close friends and for the most part, we each seem to be different people, so conversations about one specific thing don’t last very long because we all have different interests, different ways of understanding, etc. It’s very rare that we will be talking about one thing for more than 30 minutes. When we are staying on topic for that long, it’s usually a deep conversation about something important, exciting, things like that.  Reply

Post 2

Juliet RhanimeIt has often been said that Americans work too hard and do not take enough vacation time. When was the last time you took a vacation? How much vacation time you take each year? Is this more or less than your family took you when you were young? (Page 301)I was not born and raised as an American but I do relate in terms of working too hard. The positive reinforcements I get from work fuels me to keep going like a train on full throttle without brakes. However, there will be a point of exhaustion when something is being repeated continuously, and that is why it is key to take short breaks to cut the cycle of the routine.I have not taken any vacations in the past two years. The last time I had was when I went to see my family in the Philippines and stayed there for two months, and it was bliss. Spending time with them is my ultimate vacation. Our parents used to take us to the beach once or twice a year to take a break from school. I believe in the importance of work and its value, and I have to consider rewarding my self with leisure time every once in a while because just like everyone else, I too deserve relaxation and recreation.  Reply

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