nutrition research design

4. The research will be quantitative research because we want to collect actual data from people including their weight, height, eating habits to conduct statistical tests to see if a diet high in fructose is better compared to a diet high in starch and vice versa. The research design will be a survey because it is the best way for us to conduct the research by gathering information in regards to what people are eating without monitoring each individual person and their eating habits. The survey is a good way to compare and contrast what people are eating because each person will be asked the same exact questions which allows us to compare one person from the next, and collect the data of the weight that has been gained and lost according to which diet.

5a. Setting. Describe the setting for the study. Specifically state where your research will take place.

-We will conduct the survey on a college campus and place the survey online for those who are able to take it.

From the document, only 5b-5i need to be answered. Questions 4 and 5a are already answered.

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