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Part 1 Due: Refer to Course Calendar for Due Date and Due Time

Purpose: The primary objective of this assignment is for you to gain experience keeping a detailed food record and utilizing a dietary analysis program. A detailed and accurate food record give will allow you to accurately assess your dietary intake. In Part 2 of the assignment, you will apply your nutrition knowledge to assess your diet. 

Part 1

A: Complete a Three Day Food Log 

  • Complete a food log for three consecutive days. You may use the “Food log” sheets on Blackboard to ensure all necessary components are included.  Be sure to use two weekdays and one weekend day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday):
  • Login to Connect. You can find link to NutriCalc on the right side of your Connect homepage, under the “Section Info” tab. Click on NutriCalcPlus.
  • On the NutriCalcPlus homepage, click “Tutorial Video” (the last item in the second column).
  • View the tutorial to get tips on how to use NutirtionCalcPlus
  • Step 1: Set up your Profile using your full name, age, gender, height, weight, etc. Be sure to use your real name as your name will appear on the reports you generate.
  • Step 2: Add all foods included on your 3-day food log under the Intakes tab.
    • Select the date of your first log day. 
      • Enter the first food item from your log (ex. Milk) in the search box.
      • From the food list, choose the best match to the food you actually consumed (ex. milk, skim, calcium fortified) or refine your search (ex. Skim milk). View the nutrition facts and if the item still looks like a good match click the “plus sign” to add it to your food list.
      • Once you’ve selected the best match:
        • Indicate the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack)
        • Next, enter the amount and unit of measurement consumed (ex. 1 slice, 2 cups or 3 ounces).
        • Be sure to save your intake after each food you enter.
  • Step 3: Optional.  You may enter your physical activity for the 3 days assessed.  Entering your activity is not required.
  • If a food you consumed is not in the database, click on “My Database” to create a new food item (refer to the food lab to enter nutrient facts). You may also use “My Database” to create a recipe.
  • Record everything you eat or drink. Be specific noting types and amounts of foods consumed! 
  • Record correct portion sizes (1 slice whole wheat bread, 1 cup of skim milk). Do not list number of “serving.” Instead, make sure to list units of measurements, i.e cups, ounces, tablespoons, etc.  See the “how much” resource in blackboard for tips on estimating portion sizes.  Be sure to only use fluid ounces for fluids (water, coffee, milk, soda pop)
  • You must have at least 7 food/beverage items for each day (water does not count as a food).  

Example:  Breakfast 1 cup cheerios                         Lunch: 1 turkey sandwich w/

                                   1 tsp sugar (white)                                          2 slices Sara Lee butter bread

                                   1 cup skim milk                                              2 ounces lean turkey breast

                                   1 cup fresh strawberries, whole                      1 T mayonnaise

                                   ½ c Minute Maid orange juice                       1 slice low-fat mozz. cheese

                                                                                                           1, 16-ounce diet Coke

B:  Review the NutritionCalcPlus tutorial 

C:  Enter your food logs into NutritionCalcPlus

  • Repeat food item entry for each food on your log
  • Repeat for day 2 and 3.

D. Generate the “All Daily Reports” and upload to Blackboard

  • Under your Reports tab, select “All Daily Reports”
  • Be sure to select the 3 days included on your dietary food log/entered into NutritionCalcPlus
  • Choose “PDF” as the format
  • Select “Save” or “Export” to save your reports as a PDF.  Save as “DAAP1_yourlastname_yourfirstname” Ex. “DAAP1_Doe_Jane”
  • You will upload your pdf to Blackboard. Do NOT email your reports to your instructor/facilitator.
  • Upload your pdf file of the “All Daily Reports” to Blackboard under the “Submit Dietary Analysis Assignment Part 1 & 2 Here” tab.  

Checklist for your PDF:

  1. Is your profile complete? (correct name, gender, age, height, weight, activity level)
  2. Are all key components of the “All Daily Reports” included? (Profile, Recommendations, Bar Graph Report, Spreadsheet Report, Calories and Fat (pie charts), Calorie Assessment, MyPlate, Food List Report) 
  3. Check your food list report section.
    • Are all three consecutive days included? Are two weekdays and one a weekend?
    • Are at least 7 food/beverage items included for each day?
    • Are you amounts and units accurate? (Looking at the kcals may help you to fully assess if amounts and units are
    • accurate)

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