Nursing Theory

Can you help me understand this Nursing question?

I would like for everyone to incorporate their knowledge from this course ( Nursing Theory – MSN ) and reflect on a theory or concept that you could develop as a nursing professional. If you could develop your own personal nursing theory, what would it be? What concepts would you include within your theory? How would you use it?

Please follow all APA 6th Edition Guidelines

*- Please include references and intext citations

*- A minimum of 250 words required

*- Also, please elaborated two responses with a minimum of 150 words and reference as if it were to respond to two peers .

All written assignments submitted through TurnItIn will be evaluated using the TurnItIn similarity index to determine if work submitted by students is original and not plagiarized. All work submitted by students must contain no more than 15% similarity index, any percentage greater than 15% is unacceptable and considered as plagiarism.

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