nur309 Patho The stress response concept map

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In this assignment, you will create a concept map with stress as the center and potential affected body systems and the pathophysiologic disease processes occurring in that body system as a result of the stressor(s) to create the spokes of the concept map.

Step 1 Select the life stage of the patient that will be represented by the concept map.
Choose from the following age groups:

  • Child (3–12)
  • Adolescent (13–19)
  • Young Adult (20–39)
  • Adult (40–64)
  • Mature Adult (65+)

Step 2 Use the Concept Mapping Guide handout that is attached.

Step 3 Using the concept map format:

  • Describe the response to a stressor and the meaning that the stressor has for an individual in an age group of your choosing.
  • Depict how genetics, past experiences, conditioning, and cultural influences affect perception of stress and stressors in your selected age group?
  • Indicate how stressors may be external or internal for the age group you have selected.
  • Describe how individuals may be more vulnerable to the effects of stressors at certain times.

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