NUR 4636 M4 D4 discussion.

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Societal Violence


  1. Respond to one (1) of the following discussion prompts:
    1. Research or locate information or data on local, regional, and state violence statistics. Provide suggestions for data sources, such as the Internet, health department publications, local law enforcement data, and websites that document a specified population or community’s features.
    2. Collect newspaper reports of societal violence and determine the extent of the focus on different types of violence in the news media. Summarize your findings.
    3. Interview various health professionals who may come into contact with victims either of domestic violence, child abuse, and/or elder abuse and inquire about screening protocols, referral processes, and availability of safe environment for victims and treatment facilities for violent persons. Report the results of the interview.
  2. Your response should be 50 – 100 words.

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