NUR 3655 SPC Country of Urugu

This assignment is used to measure your mastery of MLO #2   and #4.  This dropbox includes the blank template you   will complete and submit for your grade. The student will conduct scholarly   research on an assigned country, using the blank template provided in the   assignment drop-box. The student will examine the healthcare delivery system   and other critical aspects of the population and factors that impact   health-related behavior including high-risk behaviors and mother/infant   mortality and morbidity rates.

You are expected to thoroughly address each section on the   research template, in your own words, based on   professional & scholarly sources such as government and educational web   sources, or professional journals. 

Websites that require subscriptions and   an article describing major healthcare delivery systems are provided in the   dropbox, in addition to professional & scholarly sources that will assist   the student to accomplish an in-depth understanding of this country.

NOTE: Blogs, websites expressing personal   opinions, travel websites, and tourism materials are not appropriate sources.   Students are encouraged to review The World Health Organization and The   Commonwealth Fund for current information.  

Please follow these steps to organize your approach:

1) Download One Country: Multi-cultural Factors Influence Health BLANK   template to begin your assignment. Base all answers on the most   prevalent practices in the country your instructor has approved for your   assignment. You will find a link on the template to an article about four   major models of healthcare delivery.

3) Use this shortcut to reach other   scholarly sources: Trans-cultural Nursing tab of the BSN Library Guide. For   sign-in purposes remember your SPC student number is your “Borrower   ID” and the last four digits of your social security number are your   “Password”. 

4) Begin your research on the Global Road   Warrior, a website that reviews   175 countries. You cannot “Google”  your way into the Warrior   – use the shortcut above!  The Global Road Warrior website is linked   (very bottom of that page, center column, in the box titled Selected   Databases and Journal Articles. Notice additional links at your   fingertips on the Trans-cultural Nursing page.

5) As you research your country it is important to think   like a “global citizen.” As a starting point for   global health issues in your country, this article provides an overview of   five currently recognized global concerns. Please read this article by Edmonson, McCarthy, Trent-Adams, McCain, & Marshall   (2017) about nurses and global health concerns.

6) Where appropriate on the template you will include   statistical data presented by recognized international agencies. The CIA   World Factbook is linked to the Trans-cultural Nursing tab (see #3) or via   internet searches. View The World Health Organization and the Commonwealth   Foundation as excellent sources of population data.

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