NUR 3616 UCF College of Nursi

  1. Write a summary of your findings using the interview guide. Your report should be written (no less than two double spaced typed pages; and, no more than 4 double spaced typed pages).
  2. Select a person who you think will help you begin to understand the complexities of the community. (The person may be a community member or an employee of an agency. Each student must complete one key informant interview on EITHER a member or employee, not both persons.)
  3. Explain that you are beginning your clinical rotation in the neighborhood and want to ask some questions. If possible, provide an interview guide to the informant so she/he can think about the questions before you meet the person for the interview
  4. Make an appointment that is convenient for your key informant.
  5. During the interview follow the guide, however you can ask additional questions, if appropriate.
  6. Remember this person is giving up time and energy to help you. Be grateful and tell the key informant that you are grateful for their participation at the beginning and at the end of the interview.
  7. Write a summary of your findings using the interview guide
  8. Community Member as Key Informant – Interview Guide:Historical development of the neighborhood
    1. How long has the area existed?
    2. How has the area changed since the beginning or in the time that the person has been in the area?
    3. What are the strengths of the neighborhood?
    4. What are the key concerns of the neighborhood?
    5. What are the major organizations in the neighborhood (note, these do not have to be health related)
    6. How can UCF College of Nursing students be of greatest use to community members?
    7. Is there anyone else in the community we should talk with to learn more about the neighborhood?

    Answer: How does this information help to guide your health promotion activities for individuals and families who live in this community?

  9. Analyze your findings from the Key Informant Interview.
  10. Summarize your findings in a written report.

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