Nuclear Tipping Point

Topic: Nuclear Tipping Point
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Watch Nuclear Tipping Point. Film(55min.)

Consider the following as you watch the film:
1)George P. Shultz claims deterrence used to work in the past, but is becoming increasingly difficult as a concept today. Why does he claim this? Do you agree that deterrence has lost its value? Why or why not?

2)Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan, known as the “Father of the Islamic Bomb”, sold nuclear know-how to other nations. According to the film, who did he sell this knowledge to? What can be done to aIDress the potential threat of individuals such as AQ Khan selling their training and knowledge to others?

3)Watch and listen to President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 speech featured in the video. Note that this statement was issued before the Cuban Missile Crisis. The film implies that this quote is still applicable to this day. Do you think this statement is actually still applicable today? Why or why not?

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