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This assignment is designed to allow you to apply course information, including major concepts, principles, theories and research related to current educational trends. Case studies allow us to review a scenario or situation that actually occurred and analyze both the problems faced by executives/leaders of the school system and potential solutions. There will be more than one right answer, although some will be “more right” than others. Your completed assignment should not exceed 5-7 pages. Please be sure to cite/reference all sources used in your analysis.

  • Abstract/Case Background. In 3-4 paragraphs, describe the case facts and background. This should include BRIEF information about the case, however, do NOT simply duplicate what is in the case itself. As things change, you may wish to check the status of the school district and briefly discuss the most current information.
  • Key Issues. Please address the seven questions below.
  • Conclusion. Lesson Learned. What is the most important takeaway or lesson learned from this case? Be specific.
  • As a Deputy Mayor for Education, why did Reinoso’s candidacy for this position draw a lot of attention?
  • Discuss the implications mayoral control would have on the reform of Washington, DC Public Schools (DCPS) as Reinoso conducted his search for a new Chancellor?
  • There were six core “Pain Points” that needed the administration’s attention (Figure 3, pg. 8). The report indicated the same pain points had been highlighted in various reports dating back to the 1980s. Which Leading Pain Point (in your opinion), appears to be the most significant and why?
  • Discuss the purpose of the Interagency Collaboration and Services Integration Commission(ICSIC) and how this body provides support for the reform of DCPS.
  • Discuss Rudy Crew’s success/failure as former chancellor of the New York City Board of Education and former superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools.
  • What qualities, skills, and experience are most important for a Chancellor to have?
  • What is working for DCPS, and what needs to change? Provide your opinion on the performance of the DCPS today.

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