Now consider the effect of the

Now consider the effect of the staggered PRIs of the previous problem on range coverage.

a. What is the unambiguous range, us , corresponding to the average PRI from Prob. 11? (This would be the unambiguous range of a constant PRI system that used the same amount of time to collect N pulses as the staggered-PRF system.)

b. For the three PRFs in Prob. 11, what is the maximum unambiguous range uas?

c. What is the factor by which the range coverage (unambiguous range) is reduced in the staggered PRF system of Prob. 11 relative to the unstaggered system?

Problem 11

Consider a pulse-to-pulse staggered PRF system using a series of P = 3 PRIs, namely

a. What are the base interval g and the set of staggers {kp}?

b. What is the average PRI, avg?

c. What is the first blind Doppler frequency, bs , of the staggered system?

d. What is the ratio bs /b of the first blind Doppler of the staggered system to the first blind speed of a constant-PRF system having the average PRI avg?

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