Not sure what to write about ??

I’m trying to study for my Health & Medical course and I need some help to understand this question.

For this assignment, identify a healthcare-related area of interest and create an outline for a realistic (but hypothetical) research proposal outline. Include the following sections in your outline:

  1. Introduction – In a brief paragraph (5-7 sentences) explain your selected topic (i.e., Impact of Ebola among Americans Aged 25-30).
    1. Problem Statement (i.e., The fear of Ebola contraction significantly lowers international travel among Americans Aged 25-30).
    2. Null Hypothesis
    3. Alternative Hypothesis
  2. Purpose of Study – Identify the importance and significance of the study (5-7 sentences).
  3. Literature Review – For this section, you will not complete an entire literature review; however, using the Trident Library, find three scholarly publications that support your problem, and create an annotated bibliography. (For additional information on how to prepare an annotated bibliography, visit the following source:
  4. Methodology/Evaluation – Explain your research methods (i.e., qualitative, quantitative, mix-methods, etc.). In addition, identify the research tools you will use (i.e., survey, questionnaire, etc.) and how you will employ them.
  5. Expectations – In a brief paragraph (5-7 sentences), explain what you expect to uncover in the research project.

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