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Write a 400-600 word report and e-mail it to me using the link provided under the assignments tab. The report should detail your impression of the music performed, the performing organization, and your reaction to the overall experience. Do not copy information directly from the program notes…use your own words. Send in your report as soon after the event as possible while your impressions are fresh in mind.

Specifics (Rubric) of the Concert Report/Review Assignment:


  • Your paper should include the information listed below with your name, class title, day, time, and section number identified at the top.
    Name the performing organization, date of the concert,and the name of the conductor. Mention composer and title of the compositions you heard performed.
  • Tell about the composers: Name,dates, style, and a few historic facts about each one.
  • Say something descriptive about each composition on the program. Go into detail describing at least one or two of them: Describe anything special about the quality of melody,rhythm,and accompaniment or background.
    • Include a description of the instrumentation.
    • Were there outstanding soloists in any of the compositions?
    • Include observations on volume, tempo and texture.
    • How do the elements change to create different moods? What emotion was communicated by the music?
    • What did you think of the conductor?
  • End your review with a description of what you enjoyed the most about the experience? The least? Was the audience enthusiastic about the performance or just luke-warm? Did you feel you were dressed correctly to “fit in” with the audience? How did this performance differ from a popular music concert?This link will take you to DSO’s videos page. There are many wonderful performances to watch, but only those listed count for your assignment
  • . the above link to the DSO Media Vault, View All, and scroll about half way down to find William Grant Still’s Poem and Bach’s Double Concerto.
    1. William Grant Still’s Poem for Orchestra and…
    2. J.S. Bach Double Concerto, comprised of three movements:

    1. Vivace in D minor2. Largo ma non tanto in F major3. AllegroBe sure to make note of the arrangement of instruments on the stage, mood, tempo, and time signature and how you liked each movement (as best you can)William Grant Still was an African American 20th Century composer and J.S. Bach being a German Baroque (18th Century) composer. How is that reflected in their works? EGER-CONCERT CRITIQUE-Virtual-1.docx EGER-CONCERT CRITIQUE-Virtual-1.docx – Alternative Formats Upload your classical music report here and it will appear in the digital grade book. Your report should include details of the concert such as titles of the music performed, outstanding soloists, the conductor and most of all – your reaction to the whole experience of attending a classical music concert. How was this concert different from a rock concert you have attended?

    • Note: This assignment may be completed anytime during the semester. Consult the course calendar for this assignment’s deadline.
    • See the folder below for important information on the written report for this assignment.
    • Outline and ideas for the Symphony Concert Assignment Report Form
    • Helpful Hints for writing a concert “review”
    • Send in the “Report” you have created in the folder below. The report will give your personal impression or the concert you attended and be written in your own language. If the report is copied from program notes or an internet source, you will not be awarded any credit for the assignment. (See the link below for directions on sending your report to the digital grade book).

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