Nina and Ting Guo of Lima, Ohi

Nina and Ting Guo of Lima, Ohio, have been together for eight years, having married five years after completing college. Nina has been working as an insurance agent ever since. Ting began working as a family counselor for the state of Ohio last year after completing his master’s degree in counseling. Recently Nina’s boss commented confidentially that he was going to recommend Nina to be the next person promoted, given a raise of about $15,000, and relocated to the home office in Portland, Oregon. Nina thinks that if offered the opportunity she would like to take it, even if it means that Ting will have to resign from his new job.

(a) What suggestions can you offer Nina when she gets home from work and wants to discuss with her husband her likely career promotion?

(b) What lifestyle factors and benefits and costs issues should Nina and Ting probably discuss?

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