NGR 6891L Howard Contemporary

The final examination is to be a paper of no less than 7 pages. It shall require that you consider working as a nurse practitioner in today’s society and apply policy concepts learned in NGR 6891 Health Policy and Nursing Spring 2020. Within the paper focus on and include:

1. How the evolution of health policies affects the health practice of the NP.

2. Relations between health policies, economics of health care and health promotion of diverse groups.

3. National, global and professional regulatory health policies and their influence on contemporary nursing practice and the nurse practitioner.

4. Consider what you experienced at the Health Policy Advocacy conference/meeting where you participated. Relate that experience in this document.

(for this part I attended a conference meeting relating to mental health policy where they discussed using Narcan for patients who are usually baker acted and coming into the facility with drug over dose. In this case, Narcan was the topic in case needed to reverse patient’s overdose. Also, they discussed the need of fewer use of seclusion and restraints and wants nurse to use less invasive restriction before administering seclusion/restraint. Lastly, they went over patient’s safety where staff has not been on point with their rovering every 15 or 30 minutes on their patients and has been sleeping and using their phones rather to due their assigned job, which presents a safety risk for the patients).

5. Additionally, add issues you’ve identified regarding healthcare policy. What do you feel should be initiated or altered that effects your day-to-day nursing practice? Include what you foresee will effect your professional actions as a nurse practitioner.

If you feel there are areas to be included in your paper that you did not cover in your reading, research your course books please add them to this document. If you would like, you may use other resources as well. All the best…..

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