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Team Project:  The class will be divided into teams. Each team will select a different case of an organization confronting managing complex change.  The team will be responsible for devising a comprehensive change plan, informed by everything they have learned regarding the formulation and execution of successful complex change initiatives.  

Group presentations will be done in Session 14 via the Discussion Forum. By “presenting” on Brightspace, it means that each group will post their power point and other groups will respond via the discussion board. 

Each group will be responsible for submitting their case write-up (written paper and Power Point Presentation.   The write-up will include an analysis of the presenting change issue, including organizational impacts and response options (if any), as well as an analysis of the comprehensive change solution, including change roles and approaches for the various stakeholders, structural changes if required, implementation detail, anticipated challenges, critical success factors, etc. Just the Power Point Presentation will be posted in the Discussion Forum.  The Power Point Presentation will be posted to the discussion forum and submitted via the assignment link in Brightspace The Power Point should be no less than 10 slides. The written paper, which should be between 10 – 15 pages, will be also be submitted for grading via the Assignment link in Brightspace and should be either 11 point Calibri or 11 point Arial, and be double spaced.  

Team Project Criteria

The criteria for evaluation of both the case work itself and the team process are as follows: 

  •  Quality of issue analysis (40% of project grade): Is the analysis insightful, comprehensive,

 and thoughtful, going beyond superficial descriptions and organizational symptoms to 

 identify root cases that need addressing? 

  •  Quality of recommendations (35% of project grade): Are the recommendations and

implementation process sound, well thought through, and appropriate to the problem,

  integrating the specifics of the case and organizational change “best practices?”   Pay 

  special attention to:

  •  Comprehensiveness and thoughtfulness of change plan design 
  •  Anticipated effectiveness of the change strategy based on implementation plan

   completeness and plausibility

  • Attention to the management of conflicts and tradeoffs, and innovativeness.
  • It is important to emphasize that, as with any real-world change project, there is no single “correct” answer. Therefore, a broad range of solutions are expected and acceptable, provided they are supported by solid and well-reasoned assessment of the presenting challenges, and a sound theoretical and practical rationale for the solutions proposed and their implementation.
  • Strategic context (15% of project grade):  Did the analysis and proposal fit the strategy context of the case?  Did it show appropriate recognition of client industry, corporate strategy and sources of competitive advantage to create a compelling business case for the recommended change?
  • Team mutual accountability (5% of project grade):  Is each member “carrying their weight”, or are one or two members carrying the team?  Is the team holding itself accountable to driving an inclusive, collective performance? 
  • Team intelligent risk-taking and Innovation (5% of project grade):  Is the team’s thinking limited to its acquired learning from our materials, or is the team being creative in taking their thinking to a higher level? 

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