network security and application

You have recently accepted a position as a network administrator supporting the computer network at Camp David the US Presidential retreat in Thurmont, Maryland. The President has requested that a WEP wireless network be installed to support the computing needs of visiting dignitaries.

Your commanding officer is having second thoughts on using the wireless network that was first considered. He is concerned about the security of a wireless endpoints. You have recently completed your ISC2 CISSP certification and the commanding officer would like you to draw upon your knowledge of secure architecture design and prepare a slide presentation on wireless networking and what can be done to secure a wireless network.

Include the following:

  • Your answers to the 6 secure architecture data collection questions of:
    • Why are we building this system?
    • Who is going to use it and why?
    • How is it going to be used?
    • What environment will it work within?
    • What type of security and protection is required?
    • What does it need to be able to communicate with?
  • A sample assessment of how you would gather the information necessary to design secure architecture
  • Consider and recommend hardware and software solutions and remote access systems.
  • Conclude your presentation with your strategy for conducting a penetration test and vulnerability assessment to assure external nation state hackers cannot breach the Camp David secure network.
  • Include substantial research material in the speaker notes

Prepare an 9–20-slide presentation to address these points. Include speaker notes in the presentation. Plan the presentation and speaker notes so that someone else could actually give the presentation.

Be sure to document your references using APA format.

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