Neptune Corporation recently p

Neptune Corporation recently paid its annual dividend of $1.20. Dividends have consistently grown at a rate of 4%. The stock has a beta of 0.88. The current risk-free rate is 3.29% and the market return is 10.9%. Assuming that CAPM holds, what is the intrinsic value of this stock? DO NOT ENTER THE $ SIGN. ALSO, ENTER YOUR ANSWER AS A POSITIVE NUMBER. SET YOUR CALCULATOR TO 4 DECIMAL PLACES AND ROUND TO TWO DECIMAL PLACES AT THE END, i.e. IF YOUR ANSWER IS 33.4667 ENTER IT AS 33.47 ONLY

19. A $63,000 machine with a 9-year class life was purchased 2 years ago. The machine will now be sold for $50,000 and replaced with a new machine costing $78,000, with a 8-year class life. The new machine will not increase sales, but will decrease operating costs by $14,000 per year. Simplified straight line depreciation is employed for both machines, and the marginal corporate tax rate is 34 percent. What is the incremental annual cash flow associated with the project? SET YOUR CALCULATOR TO 4 DECIMAL PLACES AND ROUND TO THE NEAREST WHOLE NUMBER AT THE END. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOUR ANSWER IS 1,200.2288, ROUND TO 1200. DO NOT ENTER THE DOLLAR SIGN.

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