Negotiations Lessons Learned Paper suggestions

I don’t know how to handle this Communications question and need guidance.

  • Introduction: Why are you writing this paper? What will this paper be addressing?
  • Background: What did negotiations mean to you before taking this course?
  • Body of Paper possible topics (choose three):
  • 1. Are negotiations always necessary (dual concerns model)?

    2. When is distributive vs. integrative more appropriate?

    3. What have you learned about developing opening offers and establishing target and resistance points?

    4. Lessons learned on planning including understanding the other party’s interests, BATNA, etc.

    5. Lessons learned on strategy & tactics including logrolling.

    6. Lessons learned on the psychology of negotiations (perception, emotion, etc.)

    7. Lessons learned about communication including the importance of information exchange, manageable vs. unmanageable questions as well as communication breakdown.

    8. Lessons learned on power.

    9. Lessons learned on ethics.

    10. Lessons learned on relationships (reputation, trust & justice.)

    11. Lessons learned on cultural & international differences.

  • Conclusion: So what? Why important? How will you use this knowledge? How would you handle previous negotiations differently? How has your view of negotiations changed?