negative wording

Survey Questions

1. Locate at least two surveys (you can use any survey that you find on the internet). Try to find one that is relatively brief – 10 questions or less. Analyze the questions in the survey. Construct a table and evaluate each survey question on the following points:

· negative wording

· complexity (note: good questions are simple and straightforward)

· double-barreled

· loaded

· grammatically incorrect

· Discuss the importance of writing good survey questions. How can poorly-written questions bias results? Submit both the table that you constructed as well as a copy of the survey you analyzed to your instructor.

Team Questions

2. Create two questions for your instructor. It is preferable that all team members participate; however, it is required that at least two active members of the team engage in discussing a topic showing that they co-created the one – to – two questions submitted to me to earn towards participation points.


CONDITIONS: The two questions must relate to this week’s readings and learning objectives/competencies. The learning objectives/competencies. Ask 2 questions of your instructor that are directly related to learning objectives/competencies that the you want more assistance with to strengthen comprehension of research methods in our psychology program class.

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