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  • Introduction:

An introduction is designed to provide a “hook” into the paper. You will explain to the reader why this topic is of interest and the motivating factors behind the research. Research without a purpose is rarely interesting. A good introduction will make the difference between a good and bad paper as a paper with a poor introduction is rarely read. The last paragraph of the introduction should indicate the purpose of your paper and might be very similar to your project proposal.


  • Background:

The background section will include a summary of relevant literature as it relates to your topic. All sources are not required to be scholarly or peer-reviewed, but these sources should certainly be considered. Don’t forget to look at OSHA and NFPA standards. To aid in the search for sources, a library instruction day has been incorporated into the class schedule. Each group is required to submit the Background Outline Worksheet with at least five sources (10 points) along with a draft of the background section (40 points). 


  • Methodology:

The methodology section of the paper will cover how you did the research. This section should include where you got your data, what statistical methods you used, and any other information as necessary to explain your analysis techniques.


  • Results:

The results section will include your final results. You must EXPLAIN the findings in this section. Raw data should not be included in this portion of the paper (or in the presentation!).


  • Conclusion:

The conclusions section will tie everything together and make final conclusions about the research and the findings. Note that this section is often short and will typically reiterate some of results section of the paper.


  • Recommendations:

Recommendations are one of the most important parts of the paper. You have identified a problem and presented the research to prove it. What do you recommend could fix the problem or improve the situation? Remember that finding there is no problem is an acceptable answer. Just make sure that your recommendations make sense when compared to the results of the paper.


  • Works Cited:

This will be a chronology of the works cited throughout the paper. Do not forget to use APA format for these citations.


  • Tables and Figures:

This section will include any relevant tables, graphs, or figures. These must be mentioned in the results section!


  • Appendix:

The raw data collected and analyzed for your project should be included in

the appendix.



My part is reccomendation, only that needs to be done. Project work in the attachment


do bullet points and some paragraphs to support or explain.

1-2 Pages it should be

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