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Discussion 1:

Businesses are started with the intention to succeed. In order to do so, an organization must be competitive. All while understanding the strategies needed to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. As discussed in the chapter, steps are required in order to ensure this occurs successfully. This week, you are to provide at least two personally experienced examples of new or well-known organizations that showcase an understanding of what is needed to set themselves apart from the competition. Make sure to include at least one of the most frequently used strategies used by the organization. Below is one example I recently encountered.

* I recently ordered two pairs of running shoes by a well-known sporting goods store. One pair arrived while the other pair was on back order. The 2nd pair never arrived due to unavailability and my money was refunded as expected. However, what was not expected was the $10 credit I was given due to the lack of the company being able to fulfill the intended promotion. In a competitive industry, this is an excellent method of differentiation.

Discussion Post Instructions

  • 200 Words:
  • Make sure to reference at least one source in addition to your text. That’s at least a total of two sources.
  • Bold or highlight the strategic approach you identify for your organization.

Also response to two peers, 100 words each I will screenshot a peer response and attach it when one comes.


Assignment 1:

Now that you have a better understanding of strategies and competitive advantage, it is time to delve into the vision and mission of an organization. First, these pertinent and influential aspects must be written. Then the importance must be clearly communicated to all employed by the organization. If an organization does not know and cannot display where they are, where they want to go, and why, then how can they expect their employees to successfully execute their assigned roles?

For this assignment, choose an organization and describe their vision, mission, and core values. In addition to this, you are to discuss how each of these works cohesively to the advancement of the organization. Include how the original owner(s) of the organization influenced each of these aspects and if you believe each component is still be adhered to.

Assignment Directions

  • The minimum requirement is 500 words exclusive of the title and reference pages.
  • APA formatting is expected with at least two outside sources (in addition to your text) cited in your paper.
  • Your submission should start with a title page (not part of the two content pages) that includes your name, the assignment, and a brief title that also reflects the company and strategy or topic.

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