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In parts 1 and 2 of Discourse on the Method,

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answer these questions:

1. Why does Descartes believe that a reliable method is necessary in order to use one’s intellect properly? Do you agree with him that everyone is equally capable of discovering truth if they learn how to think properly?

2. Why does Descartes come to distrust the authority of the texts that come down to him from antiquity (ancient Greek and Roman culture)? Do you agree with his judgment about the value of the past? Would you adopt the same attitude towards Descartes that he adopts towards ancient philosophers like Aristotle (Links to an external site.), Horace (Links to an external site.), or Cicero (Links to an external site.)?

3. What 4 principles does Descartes settle upon to guide his method? Do you think those are good principles? Would you adopt them for yourself? Why or why not?

4. Why does Descartes settle on mathematics as a guide to reconstructing all human knowledge? What are some problems with mathematics that he notices, and how does he solve them? Do you agree with Descartes that morality can be given a solid foundation if we reconstruct it as if it were like mathematics? (Notice his contrast with “the wisdom of the ancients”: what they say about virtue sounds beautiful, but it is like a palace built on sand and mud, without firm foundation!)

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