Need assistance in writing three assignments.

Can you help me understand this English question?

For my final paper I have decided to write about the system surrounding Child Welfare. Are we doing enough to ensure we are keeping children safe from physical and mental abuse within their place of residence, community and schooling?

1. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – I want an alphabetical listing of ALL your sources. There should be a minimum of at least Pls use my source analysis worksheet to write your analysis of a source. The worksheet helps you understand what I am looking for, so use it as a template / rough draft before creating your bibliography paragraph.

2. LITERATURE REVIEW – This will be a two to three page paper that will analyze your research and show connections and trends from one research source to another. It is recommended that you compare and contrast three sources at least. The focus of a literature review is to synthesize the arguments and ideas of others without adding new contributions. Therefore, pls do not list or only summarize your sources in this review (this is NOT an annotated bibliography), but use this opportunity to identify trends, methodologies, analyze evidence used by authors of your sources as you report on the literature relevant to a particular field or topic. Your report should give an overview of what has been said, the prevailing theories and hypotheses, the questions that have been asked and answered, and the issues that are being clarified on the subject

3. FINAL RESEARCH PAPER – Research Paper Length 2,500 words/6-8 pages MLA FORMAT Number of outside sources required. You must use a minimum of five sources in your research paper, and no more than ten sources total. (SELECTED FROM THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY) Counter arguments and rebuttals must also be cited correctly in MLA 8. must have a works cited page and with alphanumeric outline.

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