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China Tire Manufacturing Plant

The United States corporation, I currently work for will be opening up a rubber tire manufacturing plant in China soon and before we can get it up and running, we have some meetings with my chairman, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The references will be given in further detail at the time the findings are reported We will be discussing the following in the outline below:

I. Chairman:

A. Discuss the macro environment of the country.

B. How will you be socially and economically responsible?

C. What kind of leadership would work in this country?

II. Vice-President:

A. What are the political, cultural, environmental, and economic risks of doing business here?

B. If you decide to do business here there, how would you staff the operation?

C. How would you select the manager?

III. Secretary:

A, What are some of the legal issues you would have to deal with as a company if you decide to expand there?

B. What are some of the opportunities and strengths of doing business there?

C. How are you going to deal with management issues such as assertiveness, conflict resolution, and team building?

IV. Treasurer:

A. What are some of the foreign trade issues you will have to deal with?

B. What are the determinants to foreign entry there, and how would you enter there?

C. How would you manage conflict if it should come up in negotiations?

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