Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture

Paper details:

The letter of motivation is intended to explain the reasons you have chosen the programme at KTH, and what you

hope to gain from it. Include a short autobiographical statement covering the development of your academic and

professional pursuits, your current activities, and the relevance of your academic, professional, and other related

experience to your proposed study at KTH. A well written letter of motivation will focus on yourself, and describe

points that explain, in your own words, why you want to further your studies in your chosen programme, and how

your interests and skills will contribute to your success in the programme, and to your future career. For example,

why are you interested in your chosen programme? What are your career intentions and why are you interested in

pursuing those career choices? What accomplishments in your academic, professional, or other related experience are

you most proud of and why? How would a Master’s Degree in your chosen programme help you fulfil your future

plans? Your letter of motivation should not exceed 500 words (no more than one page), and must be written in


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