Narrative Profile

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  1. Create a narrative profile about the person you imagine. (Note: You get to make this person up any way you want.) What is the person’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.? What life experiences has this person had that may explain how they are interpreting the symptom? Use what you learned in Module 2 to build this character.
  2. What symptom is this person experiencing? (What is the illness stimuli?)
  3. what is your individual’s emotional response to the (1) discovery and (2) the presence of the illness?
  4. For the Cognitive Illness Representation, imagine your individual’s response for each of the five (5) categories (cause, consequences, control/cure, identity, and timeline).
  5. How will the individual cope (Week 2)? Will the individual seek care and follow recommendations? Justify all your choices, and make sure to consider sociodemographic and socioeconomic factors to show more than one option for each of the above.
  6. Be sure to include references and examples from the articles you found.
  7. Week 2 was based on how stress affects illnesses. Different coping skills and inter- and intrapersonal factors.

  8. The story can be based on cardiovascular disease/ heart disease

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