Nam is a 25 year-old marketing

Nam is a 25 year-old marketing executive. He is going to prepare for his retirement at the expected age of 60. His estimated current annual expenses are around 72 mil VND and they are expected to maintain when he retires. He is currently in a good health status and always keeps doing exercises, so he thinks that he is able to last his retirement for 20 years. However, he also has some special requirements of expenses for his retirement besides those basic items. Firstly, he intends to spend 2.5 bil VND for his childern’ education at the age of 63. Besides, 0.3 bil VND is planned as his family traveling budget every year from 60 to 68. For the health insurance, he is willing to pay for 0.1 bil VND every year after retirement. He currently has 3 bil VND in his bank account and he just wants to keep those savings as a bank deposit to immediately cover for some unexpected needs of cash.

He does not has much knowledge about the economic conditions and financial market. He is single and intends to get married at the age of 40. Additionally, his parents are independent because they have their own business. He doesn’t need to cover for his parents’ expenses. For the investment perception, his friends also recommend him a fund investment which brings him around 15% annual return. What is more, the investment into stock and bond markets optimistically generate 16% and 9% annual returns respectively. He thinks that he is a risk neutral, but he expects that the personal finance consultant should base own his case to advise him what risky level he should accept for his investment. After the retirement, he prefers to safe investments like bank deposit.

Basing on the provided information, how could you advise him for his retirement plan? Assume that the inflation rate is predicted for the upcoming years around 3% and 5-year bank deposit interest rate is 8.5%. Hint: basing on his case to figure out the probable investments and propose the weight of each asset in the portfolio should be.

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