n reference to figure 1, the o

n reference to figure 1, the op-amp is configured as an inverting amplifier. The large signal limitations and other characteristics of the op-amp are provided as in table 1. The DC imperfections are as estimated above. The values of resistors used in the inverting amplifier configuration are Ri-1kQ, R2-10k2, R-1k2, R4-10k2. Large signal limitations Output voltage saturation Output current limits Slew rate +13V ±20mA 0.5V/us Other characteristics Internal compensation capacitor 30pF loop voltage gain n loop bandwidth 100dB 6Hz Table 1: The non-ideal op-amp characteristics i. Estimate the bandwidth of the amplifier assuming that the internal compensation capacitor creates the dominant pole in the frequency response of the op-amp? ii. With Vin- Vacos(ot) and VA-1V, will there be a frequency at which the output (Vo) will be distorted? If so, what is that frequencv? iii. With Vin- Vicos2p 10000 where VA-IV and assuming that a resistive load is connected at the output between node Vo and ground, what is the constrain on the resistive load if the output is to be undistorted?

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