music memory

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You are going to write a paper entitled “My Music Memory.” Everyone has a memory that is triggered when he/she hears a particular song. Write a paper (at least one page in length) describes both the song and your memories.

Grading will be based on content. Write about the song, the artist, and your memory. There will be a 1 point deduction for every grammatical or spelling error.

The following is an EXAMPLE of a Music Memory:


When I think of all the songs that have meant so much to me over the years, I don’t have to think too long to remember the one that brings the most vivid memories for me. Whenever I hear “Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys, it takes me right back to my 16th birthday. I know that “Surfer Girl” may sound like a strange song for a 16 year old’s birthday, but let me explain.

There was this girl, Crystal, that I had the biggest crush on for I don’t know how many years, and for just one night, she had a crush on me. It was my 16th birthday,and my friends were throwing me a little party, with about ten people attending. At about 10:30, when the party was going pretty good, she walked in. I couldn’t believe she was there, at my party, on my birthday. I was so nervous that I could hardly talk to her, but I did manage to dance just one song with her, and I’ll bet you can guess the song. It was the only song I danced to that night, and Crystal made my 16th birthday the best ever.

In case you are wondering whatever became of Crystal, we never had another dance together. She stood me up on a trip to Magic Mountain, and ended going out with my ex-best friend.

The Beach Boys were a very popular surf-rock band from Hawthorne, California. The musical force behind the group, Brian Wilson, wrote, produced, and sang the song. “Surfer Girl” was the group’s fourth hit, going to #7 in 1963.

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