multiple regression analysis.



1) Describe in your own words what type of research situations call for a researcher to use a multiple regression analysis.

A multiple regression analysis is good to use when there are one dependent variable and more than one independent variables. A multiple regression analysis can also be used to see if the independent variables foretell the dependent variable. With these statistics, we will see if the big 5 personality traits determine personality.

2a) Run a basic correlation of matrix for the Popularity, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness variables.

Paste output below (Read carefully: The best way to do this is to select “Copy Special” when copying from the SPSS output. Then select image as a format to copy. When pasting in Word, select Paste Special, choose a picture format, and then resize the image so it fits the screen):

2b) Based on these results, which personality variables are significantly correlated with Popularity?

Type answer below:

Out of these five traits, three of them are significantly correlated; extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Agreeableness is significant at the .05 level and extraversion and neuroticism are significant at the .01 level.

3a) Conduct a multiple regression analysis using Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness as predictors of Popularity.

Paste the output below:

Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig.
B Std. Error Beta
1 (Constant) 58.947 27.198 2.167 .037
extraversion 9.549 3.831 .395 2.492 .017
agreeableness 4.324 3.286 .185 1.316 .196
conscientiousness -3.046 4.728 -.093 -.644 .523
neuroticism -6.846 2.954 -.340 -2.318 .026
openness -7.256 5.191 -.218 -1.398 .171
a. Dependent Variable: Popularity

3b) Which variables are significant predictors of Popularity? Compare and contrast the results from the multiple regression analysis to the basic correlation results from question 2b.

Type your answer below:

Both extraversion and neuroticism are significant predictors, extraversion being the most significant. Neuroticism has a negative t-value which means there’s a negative correlation.

3c) What is the R-squared of this model, and what does it tell us about how well this model predicts Popularity?

Type your answer below:

The R-square of this model is .404. This tells us popularity is influenced by these traits. But further information shows us that only one has a positive significant influence on it (extraversion).

3d) Write the results of the multiple regression in APA style. For help, refer to the Regression section in this document.

Type answer below:

Multiple regression analysis was used to test if the personality traits significantly predicted participants’ popularity. The results of the regression indicated the traits explained 40% of the variance (R2=.404, F(5,42)=5.016, p<.001). It was found that extraversion significantly predicted popularity (B=9.54, p<.017), as did neuroticism (B= -6.84, p<.026).

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