MUHL Music Appreciation

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Topic: Why certain pieces stand the test of time

Method: Select two pieces with which you can build your case

Rubric: Compare and contrast essay rubric.doc

Specific Guidelines:

  • Use citations for anything that is not original
  • Provide a Works Cited page
  • Submit through the Turnitin link
  • Minimum word count of 1000 words
  • The two pieces you select must have been written by composers studied during the course.
  • Your selections do not have to be pieces studied during the course.
  • Selections must be from contrasting periods and styles.
  • Areas of discussion must include the following:
    • Historical: Do a background search of your piece to learn its significance and historical context. This may include both musical and non-musical (societal/political) context.
    • Philosophical: Learn the purpose and meaning behind you piece by asking questions such as these: Was it written for someone or something? Is it performed for specific events?
    • Analytical: Applying the specific listening tools gained from the Elements of Music section; discuss why your pieces have stood the test of time, knowing that other pieces with similar traits may have “come and gone.” This link may be useful to review: Elements of Music handout.pdf
    • Comparison: Despite their contrasting styles and period, are there significant similarities? Is there something that links them in some way and helps them stand apart from pieces that dis not stand the test of time?

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