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You are in the new DevOps group at a mediumsized tax preparation firm, TaxSpot, where the organization runs a tax preparation service. They are planning to make their software online fordirect client input for the next peak tax season (January through April) and want to make sure that they have the resources to successfully support this new initiative and compete with providers such as TurboTax in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), They are looking to youradvice on delivering the service effectively to support the peak tax season and to be reduced for the off-season as part of the company’s move to DevOps.

They anticipate about 2,400 concurrent users on the application each day of the peak season and 1,000 in the off-season. All client data will be preloaded before the application opens.

Details of the application

Main Menu

The application has a secure web interface with a menu allowing the user to log in and create a new filing, copy from a previous filing, update a filing, upload documents, submit to IRS, and file for an extension.


Confidentiality is a major consideration and the system will offer two-factor authentication with secure communications. The login component handles all the authentication and access controls for the system

New Filing

20% of the users create a new case when they access the system in the peak season and 10% at other times.

Copy from a Previous Filing

About 20% of the users in peak time and 30% at other times are beginning the process by merely using the application to copy data from their last year’s submission.

Update Filing

About 20% of the users in peak time and 40% at other times are simply updating previously entered or copied information. The component has 4 different services representing each of the different parts of the information

Upload Documents

About 20% of the users in peak time and 14% in other times merely use the application to upload documents necessary to support their primary filings, e.g., additional schedules. The component is a stand-alone application.

Submit to IRS

About 10% of users in peak time and 5% in other time are making a submission to the IRS. The submit system has 3 services: validation, error reporting and the actual submission to IRS.

Extension Filing

About 10% of the users in peak time and 1% in other times use the application to file the required tax extension when they do not have the complete documents ready. The component is a stand-alone application.

Part 1: Memo with Attachments

Draw a component diagram of the application showing for each module the services that are necessary.

Prepare a memo to the CIO (Maya Jennings) with a copy to the CFO (Peter Brown) and the CEO (Jennifer Mueller) which details the following:

  1. An overview of the application.
  2. The value of using a cloud solution when there is such a big variation in usage over the year.
  3. The value of using a cloud solution in case the anticipated user base is larger or smaller than anticipated.
  4. How DevOps will help support the application as changes in tax rules occur.

Note: writing is important, the CIO does not like contractions or elaborate sentences. Your memo should be 1 page.

Attach the component diagram. Refer to the attachment in your memo.

Part 2: Use Case/User Stories

Prepare individual user stories for the main functions of the TaxSpot system.

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