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Watch all of the video clips below and answer the associated questions in a discussion post. Number your replies so I know which replies are referring to which video prompts.

#1 – Gospel of Intolerance

Roger Ross Williams, “Gospel of Intolerance” New York Times Op-doc based on Williams’s documentary, God Loves Uganda (2013).

Watch the following:

Answer the following:

  • What does Rev. Kapya Kaoma have to say about the motivations and impact (both positive and negative) some U.S. evangelical missionaries are having in Uganda? How do these U.S. positions religious and moral debates in the United States?
  • How do leaders of the International House of Prayer represent their goals in Uganda? What was their take on proposed severe penalties against gays in Uganda?
  • What insight does this NYT “Op-Doc” provide into possible links between cultural politics and religion in the United States? What do you think?

#2 – Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan, just west of Detroit, is the site of Ford Motor Company headquarters, Greenfield Village, and the Henry Ford Museum. Dearborn is also site of one of the largest Arab American communities in the country. This short film, from 2017, focuses on the experiences and viewpoints of two groups: Muslim women from Dearborn and a group of white, patriotic, Christian men.

Read the following:

Dearborn, Michigan: a city divided by religion, race and class (Links to an external site.)

Watch the following:

Answer the following:

  • How do the women in the film experience their faith, their ethnic identity, and their American-ness?
  • How does the film portray economic change in the Detroit area?
  • How do the white men in the film experiences, their faith, and their American-ness?
  • What is your takeaway from this short documentary? What does it suggest to you about the interplay of religion, cultural identity, and politics?

#3 – US Church holds Muslim Prayer

US Church holds Muslim Prayer (ABC News, Nov. 2014).

Watch the following:

Answer the following:

  • What was your reaction of a Muslim prayer being held in the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.?
  • What insight does this clip provide into how religious diversity in the U.S. might be managed?
  • What does this clip suggest to about the relation between religion and politics in the United States?

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