MSC Weaknesses & Strengths in

You will need to read the abstract and introduction section of the Miller and Carducci (2015) article (in this folder) before you complete this assignment. This assignment will ask you to give some thought to your own strengths and weaknesses (or growth areas) and how they can be useful in getting and succeeding at the job you want. Specifically, it will introduce you to the topic of KSAs.

What are KSAs? KSA refers to Knowledge, Skills, Abilities. They are sometimes also referred to as KSCs (where C = Characteristics). When an employer is considering hiring a new employee, they generally begin by determining what KSAs the job requires. They will draft a job description and job ad to include these KSAs. During an interview, they will be listening to hear you talk about your relevant KSAs and how you think they apply to the job. They will look at your cover letter to see if you are promoting yourself by highlighting the relevant KSAs.

So, it’s time to start thinking about your KSAs.

This assignment, has 2 parts.

PART 1. Select 3 specific things from the list of KSAs that employers value (e.g., analytical skills, oral communication, creativity, etc.) and which you think are your primary strengths. The list of 100 KSAs is presented on pages 41-42 of the article.

a. List them for me, then

b. for each one, give me an example of when/how you’ve noticed you had that skill. (For example, if you think you have LEADERSHIP skills, do you notice this when you work on classroom assignments in groups, when you are at your job off campus, when you are organizing people for a task that needs to get done, etc.) NOTE: This is the sort of information you would want to put into a cover letter when you apply for a job!

PART 2. Select 3 specific things that employers value, but which you see as your weaknesses (or areas that may need improvement).

a. List them, then

b. tell me how you think you could develop each these skills AND tell me if you think not having any of these skills might prevent you from getting the kind of job you really want.…

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