MPH week 1 Journal Entry Case

  • Please note that this is for your personal use, so be creative; however, keep in mind that potential employers may not appreciate certain types of music or animations, so be professional. Over this six-week course, you must grant your instructor access to your e-Portfolio so that your progress can be noted.
  • Please note that though your instructor will have access to your Folio e-Portfolio you must still submit your assignments to Waypoint for grading.
  • Choose a health program that you feel is worthy of evaluation. As a piece of advice, it is best to choose a small to moderate sized organization. Anything at the state or national level is not likely to provide the information (organizational hierarchy, stakeholders, financial records, etc.) needed to be successful. Past projects have focused on homeless shelters, youth programs, park developments, and vaccine programs. There are many options available, so try to choose a program you are passionate about seeing a positive change.
  • You will submit journal entries each week and this will be where you will track the key information you have obtained from week to week and your peers cannot see or comment on your entries. In Week 5, you will collect all of your entries and place them into a single cohesive document that will be between 8-10 pages in length.

In your week 1 journal you must:

  • Research and select a governmental, quasi-governmental, or private health program in your community that address a public health topic of interest.
  • Describe some of the broad information you have learned about your selected program (funding, employee/volunteer numbers, leadership hierarchy, target audience, stakeholders, etc.)
  • Describe some of the potential barriers that may exist in collecting information to complete an evaluation of this program.
  • Propose ways to overcome each potential barrier.
  • Assess how this information will help you in your evaluation of the program you will choose for your Final Project.
  • Your initial contribution should be a minimum of one page in length.
  • Upon completion of your journal, please remember to submit your journal URL or link to your e-portfolio to WayPoint.

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