Mood besed emotion recognition and quality of friendship in bullying

its a PhD dissertation and I want the flow under following headings
What is Bullying?
Types of Bullying (Direct and Indirect ways; verbal, physical, relational, social, sexual, racial, cyber bullying types)
Bullying Roles and their Characteristics (bullies, victims, bully-victims and uninvolved)
Context of Bullying
Outcome of Bullying

Prevalence of Bullying and Victimization (globally and asian countries especially south asia)
Gender Differences in Bullying and Victimization
Theoretical framework of Bullying
Dominance Theory
Social Cognitive Theory
Social Information Processing Model
The Affective Component
Social Functioning of Bullies and Victims
Mediating Role of Friendship Quality
Emotion Recognition Skills
Affect-Cognition Interface
Mood Induction Procedures for Children
Happy and sad mood affects emotion recognition
Mood Congruence Hypothesis

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