Montclair State University Rawls and Nozick and Mills essay

Question Description

Write a reflection essay on one of the following two topics: each about 5 pages (12 font). You can write more

Consider the topic of Justice: And these thinkers: Rawls and Nozick and Mills.

Taxation system: kind of tax system one can create_ status quo oriented, progressive (Tax increases as your income does) regressive (Give more to rich and tax the middle class and poor).

1. What kind of tax system would each of the above thinkers create? Explain their logic. Clearly explain why you think they would create that specific system of tax burden? How does it serve the cause of justice in each view? Which do you favor and why? (4 pages)


2. What kind of Gun laws will each create? How much restriction will they impose and what kind are they likely to restrict? What role will they assign to the state? How does each think the recommended Gun law will be just? Examine these questions in light of their key ideas and logic. What do you favor and why? (4 pages)

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