Monmouth University Chapter 1

Final Course Paper

Review the readings in class and discuss how you would apply the whole community approach and use of social media to a given case study. Reflect on some key points made from various case studies throughout the course. Assignment: Identify, analyze, and evaluate a case study that portrays a real technological event, adversarial event, or natural disaster.

1.Discuss in your paper how the comprehensive emergency management cycle was applied effectively or ineffectively with the chosen event. Note that some parts of the cycle may have worked while others have failed. Describe this in your analysis.

2.Discuss in your paper how the utilization of both social media and the whole of community could have or did in fact help mitigate the impact of an event.

3.Identify any public officials that have demonstrated or did not demonstrate a leadership role when it was needed during the disaster event.

Part I:

-Exploratory Research Read Kapucu’s article on the Whole Community Approach and Chapter 10 of the text.

-How can an emergency manager or public official bring a community together to prepare for an upcoming disaster.

-Read about Social Media in Chapter 11 by Trainor and Subbio (2015) and Stern (2017) on Social Media in eCampus.

-How can an emergency manager utilize social media in warning people?Identify leadership roles that are effective in emergency management.

-How can one provide effective leadership prior to, during and after a disaster event?

Part II.

-Expository Writing Discuss how emergency managers utilize the Whole Community Approach to assist the public during an impending disaster event.

-Discuss how emergency managers can employ social media to mitigate an oncoming disasterbefore it happens.

-Employ Paul and Elder’s (2008) universal intellectual standards (clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance, fairness) along with Albanese and Paturas’ (2018) article on critical thinking in disaster management.

Essential components (must include):

-Cover Page (APA7 2.3 & 2.4)

-Title (keep titles focused and succinct)

-Your full name

-Statement: “A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for HLS 286-01 Emergency Management Principles ”

-Monmouth University

-Date (month, day, year)

-Abstract (APA7 2.9) limited to 150 words (for this course)

-Place abstract on a separate page after the title page

Requirements: 5 Pages

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