Module 3 Assignment Child Observation Assignment Purpose of Project It is very easy to be around

Module 3 Assignment

Child Observation Assignment

Purpose of Project

It is very easy to be around children without noticing
fascinating aspects of their behavior Indeed, it is

rare when anyone intently observes a child for a continuous
period, looking for behaviors that

characterize an individual child or childhood Conscientious
fulfillment of this project will help the

observer be a better and more appreciative student of child
behavior If you have children, you may

observe your own children

General Instructions

You will observe children in a natural setting for 1 hour
This means that you may not be able to focus on

one child exclusively For example, you might observe
children at a park, school, shopping center,

amusement park, etc

While you are observing make detailed notes of the

1 Age range of children

2 Number of children present Number of adults

3 What behaviors are children engaging in?

4 How do the children interact with one another?

5 How do the children interact with an adult who is

6 Are the children engaging in age?appropriate activities?

7 Comment on the attention span of the children

8 Are there any gender differences in any of the behaviors
you observe?

9 Does anything that we have covered in class or in the
text apply to this situation?

Report Criteria

1 Write up of project, 2?4 written pages (typed)

2 Give a general description of child (age, sex, etc) and
the observation situation

3 Describe behavior or patterns of behaviors that
were interesting to you and analyze the

significance to child development

4 Do not just put a chronological list of what child did
during observation period, but do show

evidence that you make careful observation

5 Discuss significance of behaviors for the child and child
development in general (use your text

and notes

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