Module 02 Homework Assignment

Topic: Module 02 Homework Assignment

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Please try to write at least 2-3 COMPLETE sentences for your responses
1. Describe four (4) important differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms:
2. Briefly describe the function of the following organelles:

a) Plasma membrane –
b) Glycocalyx –
c) Cell wall –
d) Nucleus –
e) Endoplasmic reticulum –
f) Golgi apparatus –
g) Lysosomes –
h) Ribosomes –
i) Peroxisomes –
j) Mitochondria –
k) Chloroplasts –

3. What is a biofilm? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of biofilms:

4. Briefly describe the process of aerobic cellular respiration. How does this process differ from anaerobic cellular respiration? How are these processes similar?
5. Briefly describe the difference between eukaryotic cell division and prokaryotic cell division. Be sure to include the names of each of these processes in your response:

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