modern british literature

The Dead C/Symbolism:

short story link:

A.Paragraph 1This short story uses many symbols and Christian allusions: Gabriel (Angel’s name), the feast of the Epiphany, and 3 sisters (vs. 3 wise men). Some readers are intrigued by symbols of the galoshes or the constant background of the snow or the meaning of the title. Choose 3 symbols you see in the story. They can be ones I have listed here, or onesyou find yourself. First, give the context of how each appears in the story. Then explain what you think the symbols mean or what Joyce is using them to represent.

B.Paragraph 2 How did you react to this story? Defend your response. Whatcharacteristics of 20th Century Modernism do you see in The Dead? Which lines from this story especially stand out to you? Why? Finally, ask us a question related to one of your symbo

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