Model leader

For your term paper you are to choose an individual that you feel to be a model leader. This should be someone well known that you can research, not someone that you know personally. You will then discuss their personality traits, individuals qualities, and behaviors that are consistent with effective leadership. You should share specific leadership scenarios that you research and apply them to the course material you have learned. AIDitionally, you should analyze ethical situations that they may have faced, describe alternative solutions to those issues, and discuss the best approach to the ethical dilemma and why. Please see the attached rubric.

Your paper should be in APA format and consist of an introduction, well- referenced body with appropriate headings and sub-headings, conclusion, and reference list. At least 5 separate references from professional and academic literature must be used. Completed papers will typically be 6-8 pages in length and must read as a well-edited, professional paper that is double-spaced, spell-checked, and grammar-checked.

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