MKT200 – Principles of Marketing

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The Board of Directors at Post University has asked you to develop and present an integrated marketing communication (IMC) advertising program for your major program at Post University. The presentation will be used to educate the marketing and sales team at Post on how best to promote the Post university brand. Instructions: Develop a professional PowerPoint presentation (approximately 10 content slides plus title and reference slides) which includes the following: 1. A title slide. 2. Introduction (1 slide). 3. The advertising objectives including target market and positioning strategies (2 slides). 4. The advertising budget. Choose one of the following budget methods with a rationale of why you chose that method: affordable method, percentage of sales method, competitive parity method or object and task method (2 slides). 5. Develop the advertising strategy which consists of: a) crafting a brand promise stating the value or experience the customers can expect from the company. b) creating the advertising message to reach your target audience. c) selecting advertising media, you will use to convey your brand promise and advertising message (3 slides). 6. Evaluate how you would use Google trends to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising strategy (2 slides). 7. Conclusion and references

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