Mkgt 524 ULL Case Analysis As

Module 2: Case Analysis Assignments: Due Monday @ 11:55 pm

You will have case analysis questions to answer that mainly focused on the week’s learning module. As this is a graduate-level course, each of you must apply at least one to two marketing concepts or theories from course readings and instructor lectures and provide at least one to two original citations of appropriate literature, articles, etc. to back up your responses per question.

To receive full credit, each question response must cite at least one to two journal articles or trade publications. Please cite all sources at the bottom of your responses using your choice of either APA or MLA style (Google scholar has an easy tool for copying citations). All writing must be based on some facts or literature research, not purely based on your opinions.

The grading on each case analysis assignment will be based on the Case Analysis Grading Rubric (see course syllabus).

Module 2: Case Learning Objectives

The analysis seeks to fulfill several objectives relevant to management and marketing

strategy courses, where analysis of the external environment of a firm is important. After studying this case, students should be able to do the following:

· identify the relevant content to include in an industry analysis;

· understand the key concepts of strategic analysis and how to apply them;

· use the analytical tools of strategy to synthesize information from multiple sources into a comprehensive picture of an industry;

· provide an overview of the dynamics and near-term future of this industry; and

· use industry analysis to explore emerging markets, billing options and where to target company resources.

Students should be able to apply the following strategic concepts and frameworks:

· PESTLE (Political-Economics-Social-Technological) analysis;

· key success factors

· value chain

· competitive analysis

ANSWER Module 2: Case Analysis Questions

(1) Examine the elements of the external environment that shape competitiveness in this industry. What are the political, economic, social, and technological forces shaping the industry? Construct a PESTLE analysis that reflects your findings.

(2) What were the key factors to success in the video game market in this case? What about the future?

(3) In this complex industry, identify and discuss how value is created. How might a value chain for the industry be structured?

(4) The video game market is made up of varied smaller markets. How does a firm compete in this industry? Outside quality research resources are encouraged in your case analysis answers. I need a graduate response with citations and a response to another student

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