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assignment is for my Business Strategic Management, I want from you to write 1 page paper following the below instruction.

This is a group project my part is the mission/vision. So I want from you to take the mission and the vision and transfer it into a short paragraphs that summarize it
in some way. I will attach the ppt. of the project for you.
This is the mission and vision; I want you to write one paragraph for each:

? Mission:
“At Baldwin we strive to provide the highest quality services and affordable through changing the way people gather information and connecting businesses, in order to
enhance customer profitability in innovative way. Our main goal at Baldwin is to increase profit while reducing the risk when providing a high quality service”.

? Vision:
“ Our duty at Baldwin is to provide best in class sensor products and services in every segment and outperform competitors while keeping in mind customer needs and
productivity. Our strategy is to provide the highest quality innovative service that met customer satisfaction, While providing our affordable services through a low
cost employment we will keep maintaining the increase of income”.

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