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WK 5, MIS6210


  • Overview

    In this assignment, you will explore the role of cloud computing in boosting business intelligence (BI) tools. You will learn about different types of cloud computing architectures that can provide value-adding services for organizations. As a manager, you must understand the different service types needed to run on the different cloud-based applications in order to make the right decision.


    • Data mining relies heavily on massive amounts of data in order to train, improve, and build models. Knowing this, discuss the following:
      • What role does cloud computing play in improving data mining models?
      • What ethical and security concerns should be considered when adopting cloud computing for a business?


  • Course Project Final Submission—Big Data and Social Networks


    In this assignment, you will explore the different mechanisms used in BI that run on the cloud. You will explore how BI tools evolved when cloud computing was introduced and why we believe that the next step for BI tools is in the cloud. Furthermore, you are going to explore an analytical language called R. You need to review your previous weeks’ work and incorporate it within this paper as a subsection of a tool used to analyze data.


    On the basis of your reading, answer the following questions:

    • Part 1
      • According to this week’s readings, what role does big data and cloud computing play in market intelligence?
      • What are your thoughts on how Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) evolved over time due to cloud computing?
      • What security and public safety concerns did the author address when handling big data and the cloud? Do you foresee other dangers/risks that the author did not mention?
    • Part 2
      • Using the work you did in Weeks 1 and 3 on R, please include the following in your paper (as a separate section):
        • Provide a brief literature review of the programming language R.
        • Create a step-by-step walkthrough explaining how to install R software development kit (SDK).
        • Explain your thoughts about the language. What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses?

    Submission Details:

    • Write the paper in 5 to 7 pages in a Microsoft Word document.

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