mis 320, l need help with my network and security

I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Ava’s company is in the process of designing and building one new local area network to support the newly expanded branch which is dedicated to provide bookkeeping services. All transactions and data records must be kept confidentially.

A list of networking devices has been sent to you for your approval. This list includes 3 types of networking devices: hub, switch, and router.

You are asked to either approve or disapprove each of these 3 types networking devices.

For every type of networking device that you disapprove, you must provide at least one reason to support your decision.

You do not need to provide any reason for the device that you approve.

You need to fully understand the requirements. You also need to read and understand the “Hint” part of this assignment. If you did not, your solution is anticipated to be incorrect.


Class notes: Network Devices.pdf and Network Devices.pptx

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