Mini Project 1: Design an experiment

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To assess your understanding of this first module on Biology and Science Inquiry , and to put all the pieces we have assembled into a complete picture ,I would like you to do the following assignment. This assignment will be worth 15 points so take your time, think carefully and pay careful attention to detail!


Part One:

Design a SI modeled, detailed , yet hypothetical, biology experiment of your choice. In clear terms lay out all parameters of the experiment, including all controls and variables. Make sure that you clearly indicate where each step of the SI process applies(observation, question, hypothesis, analysis etc), clarifying how the experiment follows SI modeling. For example: “The question I would like to address in this experiment is……..(then fill on the blank) My hypothesis is…….(fill in the blank). To test this hypothesis I have designed the following experimental investigation……..(fill in the blank with several sentences describing your experiment). Etc., etc. Remember, your experiment does not need to be complicated, in fact it should be the opposite.

Simpler is better: the most elegant experiments are the simplest in design (but the most profound in terms of content). We will talk about some classic examples of elegant experiments later on in the course.

Part Two:

Now that that you have set down a blueprint for a perfectly designed hypothesis driven experiment give me an example of discovery science. How does the methodology of discovery science differ from that of experimental science? Can you still apply SI to discovery science? Explain your answer in a paragraph or two.

That is it-for the assessment for this module. Write up the assignment and submit it to me as a pdf or word file, following the directions below. Part One is worth 10 points and Part Two is worth 5 points, making a total of 15 points possible for this assignment. Good luck and have fun. Feel free to go back and review any of the material covered in this module to help you complete the assignment. And remember I will not be grading you on the complexity of your experiment, just on its adherence to SI protocol….don’t forget all controls and variables!

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