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i have 3 discussion qustion and i need help with it see the attached file for more info

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Plz answer the 3 discussion list below Part 1 Copyright Duration The duration of rights for patents and copyrights are fixed by Congress and expire after a certain number of years. Generally, the duration of a copyright is the life of the author plus 70 years, and the duration of a design patent is 20 years from the date of application. Rights in trademarks and trade secrets, in contrast, can be perpetual. Why do you think that intellectual property rights in copyrights and patents expire, while intellectual property rights in trademarks and trade secrets can last indefinitely? Do you think that the duration of intellectual property rights should be extended or reduced? Why or why not? Does your position change if you are consumer rather than an author or inventor? Part 2. Employee Copyright Protection Works produced by the U.S. Government (including works produced by federal government employees within the scope of their employment) are not subject to copyright protection, while works produced by some state and local governments may receive copyright protection. Should works produced by employees of state and local governments receive copyright protection? Why or why not? Would you support or oppose proposed legislation in your state that would give copyright protection for works produced by state employee? Part 3 Trademark Dilution What precautions can companies take to prevent marks from becoming too generic? Why is it important for a trademark owner to take affirmative steps to prevent dilution? …
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